6 Productivity Tips To Help You Become A Bad A$$ Mom Boss

There is clearly no greater struggle for Mompreneurs than time and productivity. I mean we practically have to be twelve different people, with five arms each to accomplish anything on our daily to do list. The average mom can’t eat in peace, pee in peace, let alone sleep in peace; so how are you supposed to run a successful business?

I’ve compiled 6 of my productivity tips for busy boss moms, all of which I use on a daily basis.

1. Stop Multitasking

I know as a mom we were practically crowned “Miss Do It ALL” but the truth is that you can’t do it all and be productive. If you try, you will disrupt any chances of you reaching your ideal productivity level. If you’re anything like me, you have baby in one hand while typing and answering phone calls with the other.

So NOT multi-tasking is probably not an option for your lifestyle. As a business woman and mom, you have to learn how to stick to one project/ work task and complete it before prematurely jumping to the next one. This means completing your blog post before hoping on the phone to gossip or sending out emails before hoping on Facebook to check your personal feed. Creating boundaries for yourself as a business owner will help to cultivate long lasting results that lead to success.

2. Sleep Better, Work Better

Ayden is now two going on twelve and believes that he should stay up late (WRONG). To ensure that he was fed, bathed, and ready for bed by 8:00pm meant creating a schedule that worked for both of us. Sleep is essential for exceptional performance. The more I slept the better I felt the next day and the better my ideas were for my business. I now have the option to engage freely on social media from 8:00pm- 10:00pm while still having time in between to create a plan for the following day. This is because I intentionally carved out time for me and my business even though my day is generally more hectic than most.

3. Hire Someone

I know exactly what you’re thinking right now, “But DeVynne I don’t have the money to hire someone! I’m still learning how to make a profit for myself”. I totally understand but the truth is that you can only do so much before mentally crashing. Look into hiring an intern to start off who can handle social engagement/ branding while you focus on content and customer service. You can even hire a part time virtual assistant who can help to take a load off of your plate. Currently my assistant transcribes my voice memos into blogs, schedules social media content, and organizes my inbox. I now have the flexibility that is required to be a boss and a business own.

4. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Group projects sucked in school but not in business. Work on similar tasks with your team, and tackle projects faster. Instead of bouncing from checking emails to writing copy for social media try spending an hour brain storming, then one hour creating content, then an one hour scheduling your social media calendar. You will complete more tasks in a day than you have in a week applying this tip to your daily work life.

5. Shift Your Mindset

Are you always thinking about how little time you have? How busy you are? How unorganized you are? How does this make you feel? Probably stressed, unproductive and uninspired. Too much stress depletes productivity and is a practice you should ignore. Instead shift your mindset to one of abundance. I recently created affirmation business cards that have allowed me to realign myself with the vision I have for my brand and business. Creating daily routines like this will motivate you, and allow you to focus on the things you are doing right in business instead of wasting time on the things you've done wrong. It also helps you to understand that you are worthy of success and financial overflow. In addition to affirmation cards, I also keep a gratitude journal (in my notes app of course) and I jot down things that I am grateful for. This helps to remind me of the good I've accomplished so that I can visualize and recognize my wins.

6. Stop Acting Like"THEM"

With all of the pressures we face in the world as moms why would you be so hard on yourself? Becoming your own boss is a learning experience. Sometimes the best thing to do is take a break, cuddle with your little one until you're rejuvenated, and pick up where you left off. Spend less time worrying about the in between details and more time remembering why you are working endlessly to build a business. All work and no play isn't just boring but it actually causes you to be less productive. Give yourself a moment to unplug DAILY!