Potty Training at One: Say Goodbye to Changing Diapers, and Hello to Underwear

I know you’re probably wondering when you’ll catch a break but the reality of it is that your journey has just begun so lighten up and add some fun to the tasks that you’ve heard would be difficult. My son is what I like to refer to as half-way potty trained. He understands that he’s transitioning out of diapers and into underwear but he isn’t connecting with is potty. After one month of potty training boot camp, I was so frustrated with cleaning up after him!

I wasn’t really sure what was causing his resistance to pooping in the potty the same way he was so freely peeing in it. Was my son just stubborn, or was he afraid that he may fall in the toilet if he sat there too long? After about 2 months I realized that it was a combination of things. For starters I probably startled him by saying “heyyy heyy heyy lets go to the potty” when I noticed he was positioning himself to take a dump on my floor and also because most kids believe that pooping is much more sacred than peeing.

I started showing my son that the potty was empty because I thought maybe he thinks its a monster down there and I also allowed him to help me flush the toilet and rewarded him when he was able to make it to the potty in time. Sometimes positive reinforcement is OKAY! Whether it’s a potty dance, snack, or constantly saying “yayyyy”. It is important to praise them for the times they get it right rather than shouting at them every time that they don’t!

I also learned the signs that my son gives before he gets ready to poop, like squatting and looking down, or getting extremely quiet and running to a corner. I also found that he learned quickly by imitation so his father and I began dragging his potty into the bathroom whenever we had to use it. You may be wondering if he’s noticed that I sit down and that his father stands up but I don’t personally believe that we are confusing him. Now, when he turns about four or five we may have to revisit the drawing board and find an appropriate way of introducing him to the reasons why Mommy sits down and Daddy stands up.

Here are some tips to help you on your potty training journey:

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Of course there are several tools that are designed to help create a stress free environment while potty training but the trick is finding out which one works best for your situation. Maybe it’s a potty chair that sits on the floor or a training seat that connects to your bathroom toilet. Children seem to have a better sense of security when they don’t have to take haunting stairs up to see a pool of water below. There entire world is “little” at this stage of life, little bowls, little utensils, little chairs, little beds and we can’t immediately throw in a large toilet into the mix.

How Do I Encourage and Praise My Child?

Positive vibes and patience help to foster a successful learning experience and the same thing goes for potty training. Celebrate the times they successfully use the bathroom and use the times that they don’t as lessons to teach them how to do it right the next time.

Cool Underwear’s for Cool kids

What cartoon are you forced to watch daily with your little one? Yep the theme song you unintentionally sing even when there isn’t a kid in sight. Find cool underwear that feature characters from your child’s favorite show!

Personalized Potty Chair

I bought my son the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty from Walmart. I love this potty because it not only taught my son how to flush but it also helped to reinforce the praise that he received from both parents after making it to the potty. I stressed that only he was allowed to use his potty and it made him like it even more knowing that it “belonged” to him.

Musical Potty Chair

Place your child’s clean potty chair in a clear area in your house, turn on some music and watch them go! Teach your child to sit on the potty every time the music stops. This will be a great activity for your child, not only will they become familiar with their potty but you can also use this time to teach them the meaning of the words stop and go.