Well Baby Visit: 1-Year Check-up

Baby's 1 year well checkup

It’s time for the one year check-up! Your baby will be more active and agitated during this visit than many of their previous appointments and this is expected. Your pediatrician will be prepared with toys and noises to keep your little one distracted as they conduct the check-up. IMMUNIZATIONS New mommies, brace yourself your little one will be receiving several shots during this visit. It is important to remain calm and smile even though you’re dreading the next few moments to come. One thing I have learned is that babies sense fear from a mile away. Try singing a song or making funny faces, really anything that will help distract them keeps the crying to a minimum. At this visit your healthcare provider will probably: · Weigh and measure your baby. Their rate of growth will usually slow down around their first year UNLESS their like Ayden. For whatever reason he’s already started gaining some height which is why is pediatrician wasn’t too worried about him being 25 pounds. · Give your little one their next round of immunizations (usually DTaP, Hib, polio, MMR, and chicken pox). · Answer any questions you may have about their developmental stages and ask you questions about your baby’s diet, supplements and vitamins. · Address any concerns regarding their findings during the check up DON’T BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP There may be some areas of concern for you or your healthcare provider. Let your healthcare provider know if your toddler: · Is having issues trying to stand · Has one or both eyes crossed · Doesn’t use both hands equally · Isn’t progressing (crawling to walking, being fed to feeding themselves etc...) · Doesn’t seem curious · Loss of Appetite · Isn’t recognizing words that you use daily (Mama, Dada, Yes, No) Many times, it is hard to say “your baby should be walking at one” when every baby grows at their own rate. Every baby is different and may achieve developmental milestones at unique times. It’s still good to have an open dialogue about any concerns you may be having so that if there is an issue with your baby’s development, your healthcare provider can begin working with you and your family to create a plan.