5 Tips for Flying with Toddlers

Successfully flying with a toddler

1. ASK AT CHECK-IN IF THERE ARE ANY SPARE SEATS ONBOARD. Your little one is getting too big for a bassinet now and if they are not two years old, you haven’t bought them their own seat. Try to request one of those beside you. 2. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR LIQUIDS ARE READY FOR INSPECTION These are the days I wish that I was still breast feeding! Any liquids you may have packed for your child will be tested. I always forget at least one juice box at the bottom of the bag! Also remember to wear things you are not going to have to take off, this is not fun while trying to chase a toddler. For example, I try not to wear a jacket or belt because I know I have to take them off! 3. BOARD EARLY!!!! Many parents say boarding late works so that their child can run around the terminal and tire themselves out but boarding early has always worked for me. After priority flyers,and group A comes military and families with babies. It helps having a few extra moments to change Ayden or set up his snacks and entertainment for our flight.

3. ENTERTAINMENT FOR THE JOURNEY Bring anything that will help distract them!!! I love Aydens tablet, it’s a life saver and so is Netflix. I simply download a few of his favorite movies and tv shows and that usually keeps him occupied for the majority of our flight. 4. BRING LOTS OF SNACKS AND ORDER A MEAL FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE IF YOU ARE LONG HAUL Snacks always win despite being on the plane or not. I never knew you could order a meal for a toddler that doesn’t have a paying seat until recently. Hit and miss but definitely worth a try. 5. BRING FAMILIAR COMFORTS I find that the most draining part about flying with a toddler is the amount of energy you have to put into the entertainment. Having their favorite cover or stuffed animal helps to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

P.s. Stressed parents create stressed kids.