7 Reasons You Should Stop Existing and Start Living

Are you a new mom searching for your purpose?

So, if you’re reading this you identify with one of the options listed below:

  1. A new mom and college graduate like myself, that’s working your way towards what you actually received a degree in.

  2. Creative minds that felt limited by knowledge only found within books, so you dropped out to master motherhood and pursue your dreams.

  3. A musician, or eclectic artist between the ages of 18-35, who's constantly looking for a come up to pay bills.

  4. None of the above. You’re just here and have no desire to figure out why.

If you identify with number 4 you’ve either a.) mastered the art of “adulting” and that’s pretty lit or b.) you’re still sleeping on yourself, but for those of us who fall somewhere between 1 and 3; this post proves that you are not alone! All things that live exist. All things that exist may or may not be living.

Here are Some Tips to Help You Do More Than Just Exist:

  1. Stop Living Within Proximity: Go travel! Stop letting distance keep you from learning or growing.

  2. Stop Being Okay with Unanswered Questions: Seek what you aspire to find. Dig until you find your purpose. Experiment until you fall in love with your passion.

  3. Be Honest with People: Sometimes the truth hurts, but it liberates us and allows those receiving it to do a little self-examination.

  4. Stop Stressing Over Your Thoughts: Learn to compartmentalize your thoughts. Separate your work mode from life mode from personal mode. Stop trying to be mentally everywhere at one time

  5. Be the Master of Your Emotions: Don’t let them Master you!

  6. Don’t Let Old Habits Creep Back In: Don’t put yourself into situations that will tempt you into letting your guard back down.

  7. Fix Your Money: Take control of your finances, and stop making poor spending decisions.