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She Boss: Muse & Melrose


The Muse & Melrose mission is to give women the shopping experience as if their in LA on Melrose avenue living a high class Alist life style. That's our type of client. One who is very stylish & classy but has a bit of risqué and edgy side. We desire to have everyone who places our garments on their bodies to feel like their personally our very own "Muse". Typically the materials we use give women just that feeling because are garments are very fitted and curve enhancing.

Me and my Best friend who is also my business partner both were in school for fashion design and we both always wanted to start our own brand so we figured we'd kill 2 birds with one stone and start a brand together. My target market is a more mature age

group. I'd say between 20-35.

Challenges I have faced along the way are trying to stay on top of business life and also social life while trying to financially support our business. short term goals include having a stable manufacturer or atleast having a team of seamstresses and a design studio My long term goals consists of having about 2-3 store fronts. 1 in each of our hometowns and 1 in our actually business city (Atlanta).

I would like other woman to know, no matter who tells you you're too young to have a business or it's not the right time. Seek your goals anyhow. We've had so many nay Sayers who felt we weren't ready or we couldn't do it! The same ppl are asking for our business expertise and advice. No matter what lee going. Have a business mindset and stick to it.

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