She Boss: LacedByDes

LacedByDes is the empowerment of uplifting women through beauty services and beauty care needs! The very first time I worked on a client was started my freshmen year of high school. I come from generations of licensed cosmetologists. I did not want to partake in the beauty industry but you can't run from your craft. A craft that has become a growing passion.


I started Albany Technical college 6 days after graduation and completed all my courses and went and took my state board exams to become licensed! I have been licensed since November 2016. I target all who wish to feel beautiful through enhancement of hair, nails, or makeup whether it be women, men, black, white, or Hispanic! I have faced the challenges of all young entrepreneurs of course promotion plays a big role in this field of work and there have been, and will still be times when I want to give up. I must remain humble, remember patience, and praise my craft!

In about 3 years I see myself in school finishing my Bachelors of Science in Business Management and of course still working hard to one day obtain my own business of beauty! I encourage everyone, but most importantly other women to always take a leap out on faith and never let anyone hold you back from your dreams; not even yourself! And I state again remain humble, remember patience, and praise your craft.