She Boss: Diosa Blaze


It began during a summer public relations class I was taking during my undergrad at Delaware State University, where we were assigned to make a branding video on YouTube of a business idea that was actually our true passion. I always loved the smell of candles, and how they made me feel, so I started making a few at home, and that turned into people asking me for some, referring others and now a growing small business.

My target audience are all candle lovers of the world. Along the way some challenges I faced was staying 100% confident all the times, and not doubting my businesses chances of growing and succeeding. Another challenge at one point was funding my business, but with discipline I was able to budget and save, I overcame each challenge with time.

Short term, I see my business continuing to grow, continuing to network, and gain a social media following. Long term, I see Diosa Blaze becoming a store front, selling candles, oils, jewelry, and more. I would also love for Diosa Blaze to become a sponsor for non-profit companies for children, and teach them that anyone can be a business owner, regardless of their passion or trade.

Always remember, no matter how hard things may get, or how discouraged you become, anything is possible when you apply yourself, love yourself, and be yourself. Everyone loves and will support a young woman who carriers herself like a true BOSS and who can be herself! Good luck ladies <3

-Thadijah Williams

Diosa Blaze CEO

Instagram: diosablaze

Facebook: Diosa Blaze