At Least One Place You Shouldn't Bring Your Baby!

So, its Saturday, the sun rays are radiant, my hair was just slayed by the best weaveologist in Southwest Georgia, and for a new mom that had been ripping and running trying to get things in order for the following week, I thought I looked pretty decent! BUT, these nails--FIX IT JESUS, FIX IT!!! Now, I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to bring baby Ayden with me to the nail salon, but let’s just say if you can’t find anyone to watch your bundle of joy while you attempt to relax, DON’T GO!

Okay, okay! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but for those that know me and have spent any time around my son, you know he genuinely believes he can talk LOL. He did great for about 45 minutes, he was laughing and playing, and if he could actually formulate words I’d swear he was trying to spit game at my nail tech.

Now I don’t know if it’s because I stopped talking to him or because my nail tech was no longer paying him any attention, but before I could reach for a pacifier or a bottle he started fussing. So here I am with one hand under the UV light and the other trying to reach for anything to plug up this little angel of mine.

Ayden was more relaxed after he finished his bottle and he even gave me a few smiles, but I knew that this momentary silence would last but for so long. My nails are officially done and I almost feel like a new woman. I look down and realize that I may need to get my feet done while I’m at it. My nail tech goes to run my water and I don’t even try to leave baby Ayden in his car seat. I take him out to rock him to sleep and my handsome boy does just that.

For a second I thought this is not so bad. I could probably get away with bringing him every time, until I began to smell something awful! Now, in my head, I’m really praying that Jesus would spare me just this one time and let the smell that I was smelling just be some casual gas. Ayden started moving around a little and the smell gets stronger! Ladies and gentlemen we have a poopy diaper!

I’m now trying to decide if I should get up and change him or sit there and let this lady finish my pedicure. I knew I didn’t want to drag water from my seat to the restroom, but I also didn’t want everyone receiving a pedicure to discover that the smell was coming from my direction. I decided to wait and get up right before she started polishing my toes; baby Ayden in one hand, diaper bag in the other. I had to use my hip to open the door handle to the restroom.

I get in the bathroom and there is no changing station and this is when I realize that the nail salon is not the place to bring your baby. New mommies, always carry a padded changing pad, it will save your life! I rush to the counter by the sink and prepare for war. He would choose the day I actually try to go out and do something to give me an explosive surprise.

Diaper changed (check), baby clean (check), now it’s time for new polish so I can hurry up and go home! The moral of this story is, it was worth a try, but I won’t be bringing baby Ayden to the nail salon anymore. #lessonlearned