Hi, I’m DeVynne!

DeVynne Intervention stemmed from the brutal butchering of my first name (DeVynne), which is pronounced Devin for those still trying to piece together the combination of letters that my mother so gracefully fused.



DeVynne commonly

pronounced as Divine has stuck with me for many years because although my name was, in fact, DeVynne I believed that the composition of “I” was truly divine. With this creative word play, my hope was that this name would allow my writings to become an active part within the lives of all of those who read the editorials that I feature. The idea of this lifestyle blog page was to create an attractive, digital space where I could freely express my thoughts, showcase my creativity as a millennial, and share all that we deal with in between.



Throughout my academic endeavors, I have continued to use my influence as a writer to combat the causes most near to my heart- specifically the empowering of women in all various walks of life and the celebration of women of color across all professions, but especially those pursuing a career in mass media and entrepreneurship.



This Brand will leave everyone lovesick by its transparency and execution. As the creative mastermind behind the Brand, I promise to be a devout encourager of forward thinking and advancements, by being committed to freedom and individual expression. From the design to the content, DeVynne Intervention’s mission is, and will forever be "Stimulating Mind, Body, and Soul One Word at a Time."